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We Source Land for Solar Developers

SolarLandLease sources qualified landowners across the United States who are interested in leasing their land to utility-scale and community solar developers. Landowners find our website through organic searches or as a result of targeted marketing campaigns. Once on our site, landowners provide their contact information, the property location, acreage available, and responses to various other questions. After qualifying landowner submissions for proximity to interconnection infrastructure, topography and other factors, we make these leads available to developers.

To learn more about how we can help you source more landowners in your target regions, please complete the contact form. Also see our FAQs below.

How are landowner leads priced?

For utility-scale projects, leads are priced on a per-acre basis. Community-solar projects (5 MW or less) have a fixed lead price per project. Pricing varies based on state and/or ISO/RTO.

Are the same leads offered to multiple developers?

No. Our contracts with developers are exclusive, giving developers a right of first refusal on any leads within a designated region (metro regions, states, or ISO/RTOs). Leads rejected due to fatal flaws (e.g., no interconnection options within several miles, slope too high, etc.) are removed from our database. Only leads that are rejected for non-flaw reasons are then made available to other developers.

How does SolarLandLease qualify leads?

The leads we offer developers meet a baseline set of criteria. For example, the properties must be relatively flat, clear of tall trees, near transmission/distribution lines or a substation, and not in a floodplain. Beyond that, developers may specify additional qualification criteria that can be assessed through custom online form fields or through follow-up calls with landowners.

Can SolarLandLease help me find landowners in specific regions?

Absolutely. In addition to leads that we source organically through our website, SolarLandLease can run targeted online and offline marketing campaigns to source landowners in regions of interest.

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