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4 Common Objections to Solar Farms

The sun provides an energy source that is renewable, abundant, clean and reliable. Solar power gives us the ability to create energy that supplies our daily needs without using fossil fuels. It’s good for the environment and reduces dependency on foreign energy while limiting consumption of resources that will eventually run out. Although solar is a great advancement in the energy industry, there are still some common objections to solar farms. Fortunately, these objections are really myths.

Solar Farms Are Ugly

People often worry that solar farms are unattractive and that they clash with farmland and the natural landscape around them. However, many people don’t realize that solar panels are mounted very close to the ground where they are out of sight unless you are fairly close to them. Since a solar farm is not tall like a wind turbine, it does not block the view or interfere with the landscape horizon. If you’re really worried about the appearance of a solar farm, the farm can be concealed with clever planning and nature such as trees and foliage. Discuss those concerns openly with solar developers.

Farmland Is Disappearing

Many people are concerned that farmland throughout the United States is disappearing as the country becomes more urban and industrial and they think that solar farms are taking up more land that could be used for farming. Although solar farms do take up some land, the truth is that not as much farmland is being used as it was years ago because farmers are more productive now and can produce more crops with fewer acres. Also, solar farms don’t have to stay solar farms forever. The land that a solar farm will occupy can be converted back into traditional farmland at a later time.

Solar Farms Will Negatively Impact the Local Economy

Related to the objection above, there is concern that solar farms are taking farmers away from farming. The bigger concern is that if farmers quit farming it will impact local stores like the seed store or manure hauling companies. However, solar farms can actually be beneficial to the community because solar developers pay taxes that will get paid to the community where the solar farms are. This allows community schools, roads, hospitals, etc. to be built and maintained.

Other Misconceptions

This objection is not simply one thing, but many people don’t truly understand how a solar farm works. They have concerns that solar farms leak chemicals into the ground or that solar panel manufacturing is bad for the environment, but both of these arguments are untrue. Solar panels are made of aluminum, glass, and sand which doesn’t enter the ground and manufacturing is generally clean. There are other misunderstandings like solar panels will take away the sunlight in the community but that’s not how the technology works. Everyone will get just as much sun in their community with or without solar panels, so why not have a clean energy source?

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