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How Does a Solar Farm Connect to the Grid?

All solar farms connect to a specific point on the electrical grid, the vast network of wires that connects every power generation plant to every home and business that consumes power. That point is called the “point of interconnection,” or…

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The 4 Types of Solar Projects

Solar developers need land for utility-scale and community solar projects. But what are those? For that matter, what are residential and commercial solar projects? There are four general types of solar projects. “Residential solar” means solar panels to power a…

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What Is a Solar Developer?

A solar developer--also called a project developer--is a company that shepherds a solar farm from an idea to reality (specifically, the point when it's ready for construction). A developer can employ just a few employees or thousands. Some developers specialize…

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How Much Land Does a Solar Farm Need?

Solar farms vary tremendously in size, defined in terms of megawatts (MW) of capacity. The kind of solar farm developers want to construct ranges from one megawatt all the way up to hundreds of megawatts. As a general rule of…

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How Is the Size of a Solar Farm Defined?

Solar developers define the size of a solar farm in terms of its capacity--how much energy the entire farm can produce at one time. This is measured in watts, just like a lightbulb in your home. Most solar farms produce…

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