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Guide to Solar Letters of Intent (LOIs)

A letter of intent, or LOI, is a summary of the most important contractual terms that a solar developer is proposing to a landowner to eventually lease their land. LOIs are sometimes called term sheets, offer letters, or proposals.  LOIs…

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What Do Solar Developers Look For In a Property?

We wish this weren’t the case, but most properties submitted to SolarLandLease will not qualify for a solar project. This article outlines the four major areas we and our development partners evaluate, in approximate order of importance. Note that some…

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What are “Project Economics” in Solar Development?

Solar developers frequently talk about “project economics.” But what does that term mean, and what should landowners understand about it? In short, “project economics” is about the relative profitability of a specific project (a solar farm) versus others. Ultimately, developers…

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4 Common Objections to Solar Farms

The sun provides an energy source that is renewable, abundant, clean and reliable. Solar power gives us the ability to create energy that supplies our daily needs without using fossil fuels. It’s good for the environment and reduces dependency on…

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